Viii sanctions a chair and vice chair will be elected

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Unformatted text preview: n of the Committee Membership will be limited to 100 members who apply for membership and are confirmed at an election held each spring. Members appointed by the chair of the Honor Committee may serve provisionally pending the next election. Members must themselves have no honor code violations, maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.30, be in good academic standing, and successfully complete the training/orientation program. If more than 100 students apply for membership, a candidate list will be maintained according to the date of the application and appointments made as vacancies occur. The term of office extends from initial appointment until final graduation, provided the member is not found responsible for an honor code violation, serves on at least two hearing panels each semester, remains in good academic standing, and maintains the required grade point average. the Honor Committee. The Honor Committee will promptly notify the involved student(s) in writing. The involved student(s) will meet with a representative of the Honor Committee to review the information and arrange for resolution of the matter. VI. Hearing Panels When...
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