Workshops and events promote healthy lifestyle

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Unformatted text preview: a healthy and diverse Mason community. OADHE accomplishes this mission by I Implementing campuswide prevention efforts to address campus health needs I Creating and disseminating health information I Offering opportunities for leadership development I Maintaining collaborative relationships with the Mason and surrounding communities I Providing individual consultation and referrals to students I Connecting students to on- and off-campus resources I Conducting regular health assessments of campus health trends I I I Peer Health Education Program provides educational programs to the campus community facilitated by trained Mason students. Workshops and events promote healthy lifestyle choices for the Mason community through interactive and educational presentations. Topics include drug and alcohol awareness, safer sex, contraception, tobacco use prevention, and stress management. Individual consultations provide opportunities for students to explore alcohol, drug, or personal health issues and connect them with necessary resources and/or treatment. The Wellness Education Resource Room is located in SUB I, Room 220, and offers relevant materials (books, videos, brochures, and such) on health topics. Sta...
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