Your drivers license will automatically be revoked

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Unformatted text preview: sponsored by recognized university organizations. Students and employees are expected to take personal responsibility for their own conduct when making decisions regarding the use of alcohol. B. Virginia state law prohibits the purchase, possession or consumption of beer, 3.2 beverages, wine, or distilled spirits by persons under the age of twenty-one (21). It is also prohibited to purchase for, or to serve such beverages to a person under twenty-one (21). Underage persons who use or attempt to use a driver’s license that has been altered, forged, borrowed from another, or is in any way deceptive in an attempt to obtain beverages prohibited to them shall have their driver’s license revoked for not less than 30 days but not more than one year. Consuming alcohol in nonlicensed public places or offering a drink to another in a nonlicensed public place is also a violation of Virginia law. The sale of alcoholic beverages to an intoxicated person is prohibited. It is also unlawful for an intoxicated person to purchase or possess alcoholi...
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