Gmuedu university providing they were in good

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Unformatted text preview: aded A+ through F (GPA hours). The GPA computed for the current term gives the current GPA, which is the measure of academic performance in one semester and affects eligibility for the dean’s list. The GPA computed for all institutional credit gives the cumulative GPA, which is the basis for the university’s retention policies, including good standing, warning, probation, suspension, and dismissal. The cumulative GPA also determines 19 Academics Summer Term For more information, including other grade notations and appeal of grade, see the University Catalog, available online at university (providing they were in good academic standing when they left and have not attended another college or university during their absence) by completing a Re-enrollment Form available through the Registrar’s Office. Graduate students must have the permission of their chairs or graduate coordinators when re-enrolling. Academic Procedures Refunds/Tuition Liability students’ eligibility to graduate and have honors posted at graduation. Registration Pat...
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