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Unformatted text preview: ality of any person with HIV and AIDS will be protected. Information concerning an individual’s HIV status will not be provided to students, faculty, staff, administrators, or even parents without the express written permission of that individual. Health Education Services, SUB I, Room 219J, 703-993-3690 Honor Code 61 University Policies To promote a stronger sense of mutual responsibility, respect, trust, and fairness among all members of the George Mason University community and with the desire for greater academic and personal achievement, we, the student members of the university community, have set forth this Honor Code: Student members of the George Mason University community pledge not to cheat, plagiarize, steal, or lie in matters related to academic work. The Honor Committee The Honor Committee is a group of students selected from the George Mason University student body for the purpose of promoting academic integrity as a core value for our university community. Members of the committee will also serve on hearing panels established to investigate and resolve alleged violations of the code. I. Compositio...
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