Well as university regulations concerning the

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Unformatted text preview: the university has sanctioned the location and/or conditions for possession or consumption. B. Alcohol consumed in licensed facilities must be purchased and consumed within the area designed for the event. 57 University Policies C. Alcohol use and sales at on-campus events are subject to approval. Use will be permitted only in those settings that comply with state and federal laws, municipal and county ordinances, and this policy. Alcoholic beverages must be obtained and served through Sodexo or other approved caterer. A site-specific day permit/license for alcohol must be obtained by the outside caterer and be available for review at the event. For events occurring in either Student Union Building or the Johnson Center, the university Dining Services holds the Alcohol Beverage Control Board License for beer and wine. The beer or wine must be sold by Dining Services. A cover charge may not be imposed for alcohol. D. Attendance at university-sponsored events where alcohol is served is limited to George Mason...
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