6 5 points design a circuit that generates a parity

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Unformatted text preview: ign a circuit that generates a parity bit for four bits of data. The circuit should have an input called Odd that when high creates odd parity, and when low creates even parity. 6 ECE 2300: Introduction to Digital Logic Design NET ID: ___________ Spring 2010 7. (8 points) Convert the hexadecimal number E591 to binary and to octal. 8. (4 points) Perform the two’s complement addition 0011 + 1111. Assume the result is placed in a 4-bit storage location. 9. (5 points) Consider the decimal operation 16+16 performed in binary using two’s complement addition. What is the minimum number of bits required to avoid overflow? 10. (6 points) Using a D Flip-flop and logic gates, design a flip-flop that loads the value of the Data input into the flip-flop when the Enable input is high, but inverts the output when the Enable input is low. 7...
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