B 8 points use a prime implicant chart to find the

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Unformatted text preview: se a Prime Implicant Chart to find the minimal list of prime implicants needed to cover the function. 5 ECE 2300: Introduction to Digital Logic Design NET ID: ___________ Spring 2010 (c) (8 points) Now use a Karnaugh Map to check the correctness of your solution in (b). 5. (13 points) Consider the functions F1 = x’ and F2 = x + y’ + z (a) (8 points) Implement F1 and F2 using a single decoder and logic gates. (Answers with simpler and fewer gates will receive more points.) (b) (5 points) Implement F1 using a single multiplexer. 6. (5 points) Des...
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