15 points the following questions relate to memories a

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Unformatted text preview: - 2. (15 points) The following questions relate to memories. (a) (5 points) The following illustrates the timing parameters for an SRAM: Consider a situation in which OE_L and CS_L are initially deasserted, and then at the same time, OE_L is asserted, CS_L is asserted, and a new address appears on the ADDR lines. If tOE = 1.5ns, tAA = 2ns, and tACS = 2.5ns, when does the data from the new address appear on DOUT? (b) (5 points) Consider a 64x1 DRAM (holds 64 bits and has one data input/output). How many address lines are needed? 5 ECE 2300: Introduction to Digital Logic Design NET ID: ___________ Spring 2010 (c) (5 points) Consider a ROM that implements four logic functions that use the same six variables as inputs. How many data inputs and data outputs are required? 3. (25 points) Consider the single cycle processor discussed in class: (a) (20 points) Fill in the following fields. Assume eight registers. An offset or immediate value, if required for a particular instruction, is incorporated into the IMM/OFF field. Fo...
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