Draw arrows on the diagram below to show all the

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Unformatted text preview: Draw arrows on the diagram below to show all the cases in which values are forwarded. Don’t be sloppy but be precise in your drawing. For instance, make sure you draw arrows to the correct register file outputs and ALU inputs. 7 ECE 2300: Introduction to Digital Logic Design NET ID: ___________ Spring 2010 (b) (5 points) Assuming that the branch (BNE) is taken and the ISA defines a branch delay slot, what is the next instruction that is executed after the BNE instruction? (c) (5 points) Consider the following instruction sequence: ADD R1,R2,R3 SW R1,0(R4) With the pipeline above, one stall cycle is incurred between these two instructions. Neatly draw the required hardware changes in the pipeline diagram to eliminate the stall cycle. You can achieve this by simply moving one wire connection. Other costlier solutions involving additional MUXes or additional MUX inputs will receive partial credit. 8...
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