For fs put the type of alu operation put an x

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Unformatted text preview: r FS, put the type of ALU operation. Put an “X” wherever a value is a don’t care. Instruction DR SA SB IMM/OFF MB LW R2,0(R1) L: ADD R2,R2,R3 ADDI R5,R5,1 BNE R5,R6,L SW R2,2(R1) FS MD LD MW BS (b) (5 points) Assume we want to add a new branch instruction with the format BEQZ rs,rt that operates as follows: If rs=0, then the offset located in rt is added to the PC to form the next PC. Otherwise, the next PC is PC+2. Neatly draw the required changes in the above diagram to implement the new instruction. You only need to add one 2:1 MUX. Other costlier solutions will receive partial credit. 6 ECE 2300: Introduction to Digital Logic Design NET ID: ___________ Spring 2010 Fill in the fields in the example below for your implementation. Put an “X” wherever a value is a dont care. Extra fields are provided if you need them. Instruction BEQZ R1,R2 DR SA SB IMM/OFF MB FS MD LD MW BS 4. (20 points) Consider the pipelined processor discussed in class: (a) (10 points) The following code sequence has no stalls due to forwarding....
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