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H scmoduleproc2 void wipervoid void blinkervoid

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Unformatted text preview: E(proc2){ void wiper(void); void blinker(void); SC_CTOR(proc2){ SC_THREAD(wiper); SC_THREAD(blinker); } …… }; void proc2::wiper(void){ while(true){ wipe_left(); wait(99,SC_MS); wipe_right(); wait(99,SC_MS); } } void proc2::blinker(void){ while(true){ blink=true; wait(99,SC_MS); blink=false; wait(99,SC_MS); } } ECEN 468 Lecture 3 5 Main Steps of SytemC Run Elaboration o Instantiate modules o Instantiate connections among modules Initialization o Identify runnable and waiting processes Simulation Post-processing Runnable P1 P2 ECEN 468 Lecture 3 Running P3 Waiting P4 Done P5 6 Simplified Simulation Engine sc_main() Elaborate sc_start() Simplified SystemC Simulation Kernel While runnable processes exists Execute code, suspend wait() or exit Initialize Evaluate Advance time Cleanup No more to do or sc_stop() ECEN 468 Lecture 3 Wait for time 7 Simulation Termination The evaluation and advance-time loop terminates if o All processes have yielded (nothing in the runnable set) o A process executes sc_stop( ) o Internal 64-bit time variable runs out of values ECEN 468 Lecture 3 8 Simulation Schedule The order of process run at a specific simulated time is uncertain but repeatable Bottom line: your code should not depend on a specific order Process_A Process_B Process_C t1 t2 ECEN 468 Lecture 3 t3 Simulated time 9 SystemC Events The occurrence of an sc_event notification and happens at a single instant in time, has no d...
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