Happens at a single instant in time has no duration

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Unformatted text preview: uration or value Usually there is a observer that watches the event If an event occurs and no processes are waiting to catch it, it goes unnoticed sc_event event_name; event_name.notify(void); // Immediate … … // Process A // wait(event_B); …… … … // Process B event_B.notify(); …… ECEN 468 Lecture 3 10 Delayed Event Notification event_name.notify(SC_ZERO_TIME); // Delayed event_name.notify(sc_time); // Timed, sc_time > 0 event_name.notify(double, units); What does notify(SC_ZERO_TIME) mean? SC_ZERO_TIME is equivalent to sc_time(0, SC_SEC) Processes waiting for a delayed notification will execute only after all runnable processes in the current evaluation state have executed ECEN 468 Lecture 3 11 Example of Delayed Event Notification SC_MODULE(iEvent){ SC_CTOR(iEvent){ SC_THREAD(proc_A); SC_THREAD(proc_B); } void proc_A(){ event_A.notify(); } void proc_B(){ wait(event_A); } //May miss event sc_event event_A; } SC_MODULE(iEvent){ SC_CTOR(iEvent){ SC_THREAD(proc_A); SC_THREAD(proc_B); } void proc_A(){ event_A.notify(SC_ZERO_TIME); } void proc...
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