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Unformatted text preview: _B(){ wait(event_A); } sc_event event_A; } ECEN 468 Lecture 3 12 Risk of Notification without Delay SC_MODULE(iEvent){ SC_CTOR(iEvent){ SC_THREAD(proc_A); SC_THREAD(proc_B); SC_THREAD(proc_C); } sc_event event_A, event_B; void proc_A(){ while(true){ event_A.notify(); wait(event_B); } } void proc_B(){ while(true){ event_B.notify(); wait(event_A); } //Hidden forever loop } void proc_C(){ while(true){ wait(1, SC_NS); } } } ECEN 468 Lecture 3 13 Multiple Notifications of an Event An event may have multiple outstanding notifications Only the nearest time one takes effect sc_event iEvent; …… iEvent.notify(10, SC_NS); iEvent.notify(5, SC_NS);// Only this one stays iEvent.notify(15, SC_NS); …… ECEN 468 Lecture 3 14 Cancel an Event event_name.cancel(); Immediate events cannot be canceled ECEN 468 Lecture 3 15 Example of Event Notification …… sc_event sc_event action; sc_time now(sc_time_stamp()); action.notify(20, SC_MS); // Schedule...
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