ExpE Properties Polymer Materials rev0

Next using the highest strain rate allowable for the

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Unformatted text preview: two acrylic samples shall be prepared for each lab group. One sample from each type will be tensile tested using the recommended strain rate from ASMT D638‐03. Next, using the highest strain rate allowable for the tensile machine, test the remaining two specimens. Record load and displacement information for stress and strain calculation. (Note: In the event of emergency, press the emergency stop button located either on the hydraulic pump, MTS hydraulic load frame, or the Flextest SE Controller. Do not place hands near the MTS hydraulic load frame while in operation. The plastic shield must be placed to shroud the specimen during the test and must be in place for your safety.) ExpE Properties Polymer Materials rev0.docx Once the samples are ready, follow the steps below to start the test: 1. Hydraulic Power Supply Setup (Figure 2) Turn on the cooling water supply. Turn on the fluid pressure switch from Start ‐> low ‐> high. Press button under the piston accumulator “in”. Ensure the hydraulic fluid pressure operates at 3000 psi. Figure 2 Hydraulic Power Supply 2. Computer and Flextest SE Controller Setup (Figure 3) Run Station Manager. Under Open Station, select Basic_07.cfg file and select parameter. Load Basic TestWare program. Activate HSM 1 Power Low then Power High. Under Station Controls, select manual control and adjust hydraulic cylinder to zero position on load frame (Figure 4). Figure 3 Computer and Flextest SE Controller ExpE Properties Polymer Materials rev0.docx Figure 4 MTS Hydraulic Load Frame 3. Sample installation Ensure grip pressure is set to 1000 psi. Place dogbone sample in hydraulic grips, hold perpendicular to grips and ce...
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