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MAAE3901 Log Book Requirements and Guidelines rev0

Experimental apparatus this section should describe

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Unformatted text preview: as performed Pre‐Lab (if applicable): Some laboratories require you to perform a pre‐lab before the experiment and it should be included in the logbook. Experimental Apparatus: This section should describe the apparatus that was used in the experiment and usually contains: A labelled schematic(s) and/or figure(s) of the apparatus (can be hand drawn or an image) List of the equipment or device(s) being used/tested including make, model, type, and serial numbers List of major pieces of instrumentation used including make, model, type, and serial numbers, including performance specifications, range and calibration data (if available) Procedure: A reference to the laboratory document procedure is sufficient. However, note any deviations from the referenced procedure, and Explain the reasons for changing the procedure and record any unexpected results or occurrences that might have an influence on your analysis of the test and its results. Data sheet: To prepare a data sheet properly, it is necessary to plan the test, decide what is going to be controlled (the independent variables) and what is going to be measured (t...
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