MAAE3901 Log Book Requirements and Guidelines rev0


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Unformatted text preview: where the interpretation of the results is performed. As a result, the content of this section varies significantly between experiments, and, as a result, most laboratory documents have guidelines on how to prepare this section. However, the discussion section should try address the following questions: What are the important results/values of the experiments? How do they compare to expected theory? What do the results tell you about the behaviour of the system? In other words, try and give a physically description of the behaviour as suggested by the results. What are the key conclusions from the results as they relate to engineering design and practice? Were the results accurate/precise? What were the sources of error and their relative magnitudes? Summary and Conclusions: This section provides a brief review of what was done in the experiment and presents the key results of the experiment. Recommendations: Provide a brief proposal on how the experiment can be improved. This can include changes to the procedure, apparatus, equipment, etc., i.e. any suggestion that will improve the experimental results. However, be specific, “use a better sensor” is not a sufficient recommendation. MAAE3901 Log Book Requirements and Guidelines rev0.docx...
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