MAAE3901 Log Book Requirements and Guidelines rev0

Normally the data sheet is a table with the

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Unformatted text preview: he dependent variables). Since some desired quantities cannot be measured directly, the experimenter must determine what can be measured, and from which the desired quantity can be deduced. Normally the data sheet is a table, with the independent variables listed first, followed by the dependent variables, and finally the “monitoring” quantities, which indicate the “health” of the equipment. If space permits, additional columns for calculated quantities should be inserted. Each column or line of the data sheet should be clearly MAAE3901 Log Book Requirements and Guidelines rev0.docx labelled and the units of all quantities should be indicated. The data sheet should be neat in appearance. Data reduction and sample calculations: A sample of the work and calculations required to calculate the relevant values. Results should then be presented in tabular and figure form. Appropriate units and number of significant figures should be provided throughout the analysis. Comparison with theoretical performance is also useful. Discussion: The discussion section is...
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