MAAE3901 Log Book Requirements and Guidelines rev0

Such a record can form the basis of a report or

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Unformatted text preview: ofessional activities or research work. Such a record can form the basis of a report, or merely act as a guide for future action in similar situations. The log book may become a “design manual” or it may even become evidence in a law suit. It is therefore important to keep records that will be clear and accurate, and preferably of such a professional quality that you need not be embarrassed if they are made public. General Requirements The log book must be a hard cover notebook The cover page of the notebook must contain: o Your name and student number o Your group number and section number All log book entries must be hand written in pen. Tables and Figures can be printed and pasted into the logbook. Log book pages must be numbered A table of contents should be included on the first page of the log book The presentation of the log book must be neat and legible MAAE3901 Log Book Requirements and Guidelines rev0.docx Experiment Entry Contents Each experiment entry should contain the following sections. Title Page: A cover page for your entry including: Title of the experiment Your name and student number Your group number, and names of group members and group member roles (if applicable) Date the experiment w...
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