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Syllabus Gen.Ed. 110:   World Civilizations to 1500 Washington State University, Fall 2006 Instructor: Kathryn E. Meyer phone: 335-7996 office: Wilson 341 e-mail: [email protected] office hours.: MW 3:30-5:00, F 1:00-2:00, or by appointment Teaching Assistant: Katy Fry phone: 335-5139 (leave message) office: Wilson 302F e-mail: [email protected] office hours: Warning : If you leave messages for the TA or Dr. Meyer via voice mail, do not ask them to return calls to “long distance” cell phone numbers. Their office phones cannot make long distance calls. If you have no other phone number, e-mail them instead! THIS COURSE covers the development of World Civilization from 5,000 BCE to 1500 CE (humanity’s emergence from the primeval ooze to Columbus). Because this time span includes a LOT of material, we will be more or less hitting the high spots. Therefore, our approach will be selective and topical, emphasizing the following: the earliest civilizations in Mesopotamia, Egypt, India, and China; the origin and development of the great world religions; the political and philosophical legacy of the Greco-Roman world; the artistic and literary expression of the Middle Ages; and the cultural variety of Africa and the Americas. COURSE OBJECTIVES :   •To provide students with a basic historical and cultural framework for understanding the global world in which they will be living and working when they leave WSU. •To develop two types of geographic understanding of this world: 1) physical geography (continents, seas, mountains, rivers, etc.), and 2) political geography (states, cities, etc.) •To develop students’ abilities to recognize and to analyze problems, to interpret and to synthesize information from a variety of sources, and to express ideas clearly and logically. READING MATERIALS : The three books for this class can be purchased at the Bookie or at the bookstore (located on Bishop Blvd.) that WSU prohibits faculty from naming in class. •World History to 1500 , 5th edition, by William J. Duiker and Jackson J. Spielvogel. REQUIRED The basic textbook. (This is Volume I—make sure you do not buy Volume II.) •Global Passages: Sources in World History , Volume I: to 1500 , by Roger Schlesinger et al. Supplementary readings designed to give you greater insight into the civilizations you will be studying this semester. REQUIRED. (Note: Do not buy Volume II of Passages .) •Hammond Historical Atlas . REQUIRED. Contains great maps for preparing for map quizzes, and it will probably be required for Gen.Ed. 111, too, depending on who your instructor is.
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In addition to books, you will also be asked to read Handouts (HOs). Occasionally these will be passed out in class, but most will be available on a CD (containing such things as map assignments, study guides, and lecture supplements). Please bring a BLANK CDR to class by Friday, August 25 (the sooner, the better). Please put it in some sort of envelope or plastic CD container marked with your
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Syl110-06 - Syllabus Gen.Ed 110 World Civilizations to...

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