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Will emerson tries to persuade cohen to go back to

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Unformatted text preview: implied that the selling of value- less assets will bankrupt customers and ruin relationships that the clients have with the traders. Despite this, none of the traders leave the company. They stay with the prospect of earning $1,400,000 if they complete a 93% sale, and a further $1,300,000 each if they complete a 93% sale as a whole floor. The incentive encourages them forget about the impacts of their impending actions and disregard their moral obligation to look after their client’s money. Moreover, Jared Cohen is fired from the firm at the beginning of the movie. It is apparent that Cohen has done nothing wrong to deserve his redundancy. He also has a mortgage to pay, and a family to provide for, showing that the firm has ruined his financial stability and therefore possibly his livelihood. Will Emerson tries to persuade Cohen to go back to the firm, but Cohen refuses, based on his principles that what the company did to him was wrong. When, however, the firm offers him a staggering $176,471 per hour to return just for one day, he does. Furthermore a junior analyst called Seth persistently asks how much money the more senior bankers are earning....
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