During the 2008 financial crisis the blame was

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Unformatted text preview: to him was wrong. When, however, the firm offers him a staggering $176,471 per hour to return just for one day, he does. Furthermore a junior analyst called Seth persistently asks how much money the more senior bankers are earning. He asks Will Emerson what he spends his $2,000,000 salary on. Will answers ‘I don’t know really it goes pretty quick,’ and includes the fact that he ‘spent $76,520 on booze, dancers and whores,’ but is able to claim most of it back through entertainment expenses. Will’s answer shows just how expendable the money is. The bankers are not only putting their own money ahead of the money of their clients, but they are also doing it to feed addictions and desires of unnecessary luxurious goods or artif...
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