luat thuong mai

3 to temporarily import and re export goods and

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Unformatted text preview: ụ. limit for service completion. 3. Where a service can be completed only when the customer or another service provider satisfies certain conditions, the provider of such service is not obliged to complete his/her service until those conditions are satisfied. Article 83.- Customers' requests for changes during the provision of services 1. During the provision of services, service providers must satisfy all reasonable requests of their customers for changes during the provision of services. 2. Unless otherwise agreed, customers must bear reasonable expenses for the satisfaction of their requests for changes. Article 84.- Continued provision of services after the expiration of the time limit for completing the provision of services If services, after the expiration of the time limit for completing the provision thereof, are not yet completed, and if customers have no objection, service providers shall have to continue providing the agreed services and compensate for damage, if any. Article 85.- Obligations of customers Unless otherwise agreed, customers shall have the following obligations: 1. To pay charges for provision of services as agreed upon in contracts; 2. To provide in a timely manner plans, instructions and other details so that the provision of services can be made without any delay or interruption; 3. To cooperate with service providers in all other matters necessary for the proper provision of services; 4. Where a service is performed jointly by many service providers or by a provider in coordination with other service providers, customers...
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