luat thuong mai

4 doanh nghip c vn u t nc ngoi c thng nhn nc ngoi

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Unformatted text preview: ách nhiệm trước Chính phủ thực hiện việc quản lý nhà nước về hoạt động mua bán hàng hóa và các hoạt động thương mại cụ thể được quy định tại Luật này. 3. Bộ, cơ quan ngang bộ trong phạm vi nhiệm vụ, quyền hạn của mình có trách nhiệm thực hiện việc quản lý nhà nước về các hoạt động thương mại trong lĩnh vực management over commercial activities in their assigned domains. 4. People's Committees at all levels perform the state management over commercial activities in their respective localities according to the decentralization by the Government. Article 9.- Commercial associations 1. Commercial associations are established to protect the legitimate rights and interests of traders, mobilize traders to take part in commercial development, and disseminate and propagate the provisions of law on commerce. 2. Commercial associations are organized and operate according to the provisions of law on associations. Section 2. FUNDAMENTAL PRINCIPLES IN COMMERCIAL ACTIVITIES Article 10.- Principle of traders' equality before law in commercial activities Traders of all economic sectors are equal before law in commercial activities. Article 11.- Principle of freedom and freewill to agreement in commercial activities 1. Parties have the rights of freedom to reach agreements not in contravention of the provisions of law, fine traditions and customs and social ethics in order to establish their rights and obligations in...
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