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4 the state exercises for a definite time its

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Unformatted text preview: ội mua bán hàng hoá và cung ứng dịch vụ, bao gồm hoạt động khuyến mại, quảng cáo thương mại, trưng bày, giới thiệu hàng hoá, dịch vụ và hội chợ, triển lm thương mại. 11. Các hoạt động trung gian thương mại là hoạt động của thương nhân để thực hiện các giao dịch thương mại cho một hoặc một số thương nhân được xác định, bao gồm hoạt 11. Commercial intermediary activities mean activities carried out by a trader to effect commercial transactions for one or several identified traders, including representation for traders, commercial brokerage, goods sale or purchase entrustment, and commercial agency. 12. Contractual breach means the failure of a party to perform, to fully or properly perform its obligations according to the agreement between the involved parties or the provisions of this Law. 13. Substantial breach means a contractual breach by a party, which causes damage to the other party to an extent that the other party cannot achieve the purpose of the entry into the contract. 14. Origin of goods means a country or a territory where all the goods are turned out or where the last stage of substantial processing of goods is performed in cases where many countries or territories join in the process of producing such goods. 15. Forms of validity equivalent to documents include telegraph, telex, facsimile, data message and other forms provided for by law. Article 4.- Application of the Commercial Law and relevant laws 1....
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