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8 organizing cultural artistic or entertainment

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Unformatted text preview: hác về giá thì giá của hàng hoá được type of goods under similar conditions on mode of goods delivery, time of goods purchase and sale, geographical market, payment mode and other conditions which affect the prices. Article 53.- Pricing by weight Unless otherwise agreed, if the goods price is determined according to the weight of the goods, such weight must be net weight. Article 54.- Place of payment Where there is no agreement on specific place of payment, the purchaser must pay to the seller at one of the following places: 1. The seller's place of business, which is identified at the time of entering into the contract; or the seller's place of residence where the seller has no place of business. 2. The place where the goods or documents are delivered, if the payment is made concurrently with the delivery of goods or documents. Article 55.- Time limit for payment Unless otherwise agreed, the time limit for payment is provided for as follows: 1. The purchaser must make payment to the seller at the time the seller delivers the goods or the goods- related documents. 2. The purchaser is not obliged to make payment until the goods examination can be completed in cases where an agreement is reached according to the provisions of Article 44 of this Law. Article 56.- Receipt of goods The purchaser is obliged to receive the goods as agreed upon and do appropriate things to help the seller deliver the goods. Article 57.- Pass of risks in cases where there is a fixed place of delivery of goods Unless oth...
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