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9 advertisements for the purpose of unfair

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Unformatted text preview: ã giao kết trong hợp đồng. Trường hợp bên giữ quyền chọn bán quyết định thực hiện hợp đồng thì bên mua có nghĩa vụ phải mua goods from the put option holder. Where the purchaser does not purchase goods, it shall have to pay to the put option holder a sum of money equal to the difference between the market price announced by the Goods Exchange at the time the contract is performed and the price agreed upon in the contract. 4. Where the call option or put option holder decides not to perform the contract within the valid duration of the contract, the contract shall automatically be invalidated. Article 67.- The Goods Exchange 1. The Goods Exchange has the following functions: a/ Providing the material - technical conditions necessary for transactions of purchasing or selling goods; b/ Running trading operations; c/ Listing specific prices formed at the Goods Exchange at each specific time. 2. The Government shall specify the conditions for the establishment of the Goods Exchange, the powers and tasks of the Goods Exchange, and the approval of the operation charter of the Goods Exchange. Article 68.- Goods traded at the Goods Exchange The list of goods traded at the Goods Exchange shall be promulgated by the Trade Minister. Article 69.- Brokers for purchase and sale of goods through the Goods Exchange 1. Brokers for purchase and sale of goods through the Goods Exchange shall be allowed to operate at the Goods Exchange only when they fully satisfy th...
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