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luat thuong mai

Article 132 organization of trade fairs and

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Unformatted text preview: o protect the national security and other national interests in compliance with the Vietnamese law and treaties to which the Sot Republic of Vietnam is a contracting party, the Prime Minister shall decide on application of urgent measures to activities of providing or using services, including temporary ban on the provision or use of one or several types of service or other urgent measures to one or several particular markets for a definite time period. Section 2. RIGHTS AND OBLIGATIONS OF PARTIES TO SERVICE CONTRACTS Article 78.- Obligations of the service providers Unless otherwise agreed, the service provider shall have the following obligations: 1. To provide services and fully perform related jobs in accordance with agreements and the provisions of this Law; 2. To preserve and hand back to their customers documents and means supplied to them for the service provision after the completion thereof; 3. To promptly notify to their customers in cases where information and documents are insufficient and means are inadequate for completion of the service provision; 4. To keep secret information they know in the course of service provision if so agreed upon by the parties or provided for by law. Article 79.- Obligations of the service providers according to performance result Unless otherwise agreed, if the nature of the type of service to be provided requires a service provider to achieve a certain result, the service provider must conduct the service provision with a result appropriate with the terms...
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