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Article 15 principle of recognition of legal validity

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Unformatted text preview: duct commercial activities in an independent and regular manner and have business registrations. 2. Traders are entitled to conduct commercial activities in occupations and sectors, in geographical areas, in forms and by modes which are not banned by law. 3. The right of traders to conduct lawful commercial activities is protected by the State. 4. The State exercises for a definite time its monopoly over commercial activities in respect to a number of goods and services or in a number of geographical areas in order to ensure the national interests. The Government shall specify the lists of goods, services and geographical areas subject to the State monopoly. Article 7.- Obligation of traders to register business Traders are obliged to register their business according to the provisions of law. Where traders have not yet registered their business, they are still held responsible for all of their activities according to the provisions of this Law and other provisions of law. Article 8.- Agencies in charge of state management over commercial activities 1. The Government performs the unified state management over commercial activities. 2. The Trade Ministry is answerable to the Government for performing the state management over activities of goods sale and purchase and specific commercial activities provided for in this Law. 3. Ministries and ministerial- level agencies shall, within the scope of their respective tasks and powers, have to perform the state pháp luật nước ngoài, tập quán thương mại quốc tế nếu pháp luật nước ngoài,...
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