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Article 66 rights and obligations of parties to option

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Unformatted text preview: ver goods at the time already agreed upon in the contract; 2. Where only the time limit for delivery of goods is agreed upon without a specific time for delivery of goods, the seller may deliver goods at any time within such time limit and must notify the purchaser of the delivery in advance; 3. Where there is no agreement on the time limit for delivery of goods, the seller must deliver goods within a reasonable time limit after the contract is entered into. Article 38.- Delivery of goods before the agreed time Where the seller delivers goods earlier than the agreed time, the purchaser may receive or reject the goods, unless otherwise agreed upon by the parties. Article 39.- Goods which are not appropriate to contracts 1. Where it is not specified in the contract, goods shall be considered not appropriate to the contract when they fall into one of the following cases: a/ They are not suitable to common use purposes of goods of the same type; b/ They are not suitable to any specific purpose that has been notified by the purchaser to the seller or the seller should hoá được vận chuyển. 2. Trường hợp bên bán có nghĩa vụ thu xếp việc chuyên chở hàng hoá thì bên bán phải ký kết các hợp đồng cần thiết để việc chuyên chở được thực hiện tới đích bằng các phương tiện chuyên chở thích hợp với hoàn cảnh cụ thể và theo các điều kiện thông thường đối với phương thức chuyên chở đó. 3. Trường hợp bên bán không có nghĩa vụ mua b...
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