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luat thuong mai

Chng iv xc tin thng mi mc 1 khuyn mi iu 88 khuyn mi

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Unformatted text preview: cases where the loss or damage is caused due to the fault of the seller. Article 51.- Suspension of payment for goods Unless otherwise agreed, the suspension of payment for goods is provided for as follows: 1. The purchaser that has proofs of deceit of the seller shall have the right to suspend the payment. 2. The purchaser that has proofs that the goods are subject to a dispute shall have the right to suspend the payment until the said dispute is settled. 3. The purchaser that has proofs that the seller has delivered goods which do not conform with the contract shall have the right to suspend the payment until the seller remedy such inconformity. 4. If the proofs produced by the purchaser for the cases of payment suspension mentioned in Clauses 2 and 3 of this Article are unfounded, thus causing damage to the seller, the purchaser must pay compensations for such damage and be subject to other penalties provided for in this Law. Article 52.- Determination of prices Where there is neither agreement on goods price or on the price- determining method nor other price indexes, the goods price shall be determined according to the price of such thực tế cho phép. 3. Bên bán phải chịu các chi phí về việc bảo hành, trừ trường hợp có thoả thuận khác. Điều 50. Thanh toán 1. Bên mua có nghĩa vụ thanh toán tiền mua hàng và nhận hàng theo thỏa thuận. 2. Bên mua phải tuân thủ các phương thức thanh toán, thực hiện việc thanh toán theo trình tự, thủ tục đã thỏa thuận và theo quy định của pháp luật. 3. Bên mua...
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