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Section 6 assessment services article 254

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Unformatted text preview: i danh nghĩa và vì lợi ích của bên giao đại diện; 2. Thông báo cho bên giao đại diện về cơ hội và kết quả thực hiện các hoạt động thương mại đã được uỷ quyền; 3. To follow instructions of the nominator if such instructions do not violate the provisions of law; 4. To refrain from conducting commercial activities in his/her/its own name or in the name of a third party within the scope of representation; 5. To refrain from disclosing or supplying to other people secrets related to commercial activities of the nominator during the period of representation and within two years after the termination of the representation contract; 6. To preserve assets and documents assigned for performing activities of representation. Article 146.- Obligations of nominators Unless otherwise agreed, a nominator shall have the following obligations: 1. To notify the representative immediately of the signing of contracts negotiated by the representative, the performance of contracts entered into by the representative, and the acceptance or non- acceptance of activities conducted by the representative outside the scope of representation; 2. To supply assets, documents and information necessary for the representative to perform activities of representation; 3. To pay remuneration and other reasonable expenses to the representative; 4. To notify promptly the representative of the impossibility of entering into or performing the contract within the scope of representation. Article 147.- Right to...
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