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Yu cu thng nhn nhng quyn i x bnh ng vi cc thng nhn

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Unformatted text preview: ncipals to guide, supply information and create other related conditions for the performance of agency contracts; 4. To decide on goods sale prices or service charge rates for customers, for off- take agents; 5. To enjoy remunerations and other lawful rights and interests brought about by agency activities. Article 175.- Obligations of agents Unless otherwise agreed, agents shall have the following obligations: 1. To purchase or sell goods or provide services to customers at prices or charge rates fixed by principals; 2. To comply strictly with agreements on handover and receipt of money and goods with principals; 3. To take security measures for performance of civil obligations as provided for by law; 4. To pay to principals any proceeds of the sale of goods, for sale agents; to deliver purchased goods to principals, for purchase agents; or to pay service charges to principals, for service- providing agents; 5. To preserve goods after the receipt thereof, for sale agents, or prior to the delivery thereof, for purchase agents; to bear joint responsibility for quality of goods of purchase or sale agents or quality of services of service- providing agents in cases where they are at fault; 6. To submit to inspection and supervision by principals, and to report to principals on phạm pháp luật của bên đại lý, nếu nguyên nhân của hành vi vi phạm pháp luật đó có một phần do lỗi của mình gây ra. Điều 174. Quyền của bên đại lý Trừ trường hợp các bên có thỏa thuận khác, bên đại lý có các quyền sau đy: 1. Giao kết hợp đồng đại lý với một hoặc nhiều bên...
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