luat thuong mai

Iu 121 iu kin i vi hng ho dch v trng by gii thiu 1

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Unformatted text preview: hoặc hợp đồng quyền chọn; b) Đưa tin sai lệch về các giao dịch, thị trường hoặc giá hàng hoá mua bán qua Sở giao dch hàng hóa; c) Dùng các biện pháp bất hợp pháp để gây rối loạn thị trường hàng hóa tại Sở giao dịch hàng hoá; d) Các hành vi bị cấm khác theo quy định của pháp luật. d/ Committing other prohibited acts provided for by law. Article 72.- Application of management measures in emergency cases 1. Emergency cases mean circumstances where the disorder of the goods market occurs, making transactions through the Goods Exchange unable to accurately reflect the goods supply and demand relation. 2. In emergency cases, the Trade Minister shall be entitled to apply the following measures: a/ Temporarily suspending transactions through the Goods Exchange; b/ Limiting transactions within a price bracket or a specific quantity of goods; c/ Changing the schedule of transactions; d/ Adjusting the operation charter of the Goods Exchange; e/ Other necessary measures as provided for by the Government. Article 73.- Right to conduct the purchase and sale of goods through overseas Goods Exchanges Vietnamese traders are entitled to conduct purchase and sale of goods through overseas Goods Exchanges according to regulations of the Government. Chapter III PROVISION OF SERVICES Section 1. GENERAL PROVISIONS ON ACTIVITIES OF PROVISION OF SERVICES Article 74.- Forms of service contracts 1. A service contract shall be expressed in verbal or written form or established with specific acts. 2. For those types of service contract which are required by law to be made in writing, such re...
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