luat thuong mai

Iu 26 p dng bin php khn cp i vi hng ha lu thng trong

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Unformatted text preview: t Nam có các quyền và nghĩa vụ theo quy định của pháp luật Việt Nam. Thương nhân nước ngoài phải chịu trách nhiệm trước pháp luật Việt Nam về and branches. 4. Foreign- invested enterprises established in Vietnam by foreign traders according to the provisions of Vietnamese law or international treaties to which the Sot Republic of Vietnam is a contracting party shall be regarded as Vietnamese traders. Article 17.- Rights of representative offices 1. To operate for the purposes, within the scope and duration stipulated in their establishment licenses. 2. To rent offices, rent and purchase equipment and facilities necessary for their operations. 3. To recruit Vietnamese and expatriate employees to work for them according to the provisions of Vietnamese law. 4. To open accounts in foreign currencies or foreign currency- based Vietnam dong at banks licensed to operate in Vietnam, and to be allowed to use those accounts solely for their operations. 5. To have seals bearing their names according to the provisions of Vietnamese law. 6. To have other rights as defined by law. Article 18.- Obligations of representative offices 1. Not to directly conduct profit- generating activities in Vietnam. 2. To conduct commercial promotion activities within the scope permitted by this Law. 3. Not to enter into contracts, not to amend or supplement contracts already entered into by foreign traders, except where chief representatives obtain valid letters of authorization from foreign traders or...
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