luat thuong mai

Iu 301 mc pht vi phm mc pht i vi vi phm ngha v hp ng

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Unformatted text preview: e for the legality of the intellectual property rights over processed goods, raw materials, materials, machinery and equipment for processing handed over to processors. Article 182.- Rights and obligations of processors 1. To supply a part or whole of raw materials and materials for processing as agreed upon with processees in terms of quantities, quality, technical standards and prices. 2. To receive processing remunerations and other reasonable expenses. 3. In case of processing for foreign organizations and individuals, to be entitled to export on spot processed products; leased or borrowed machinery and equipment, raw materials, materials, redundant supplies, faulty products and discarded materials under the authorization of processees. 4. In case of processing for foreign organizations and individuals, to be exempt from import tax on machinery, equipment, raw materials, auxiliary materials and supplies, that are temporarily imported for the performance of processing contracts according to the provisions of tax law. 5. To be responsible for the legality of goods processing activities in cases where goods being processed are those banned from business, export or import. Article 183.- Processing remuneration 1. Processors may receive processing remunerations paid in cash or in processed products, or machinery and equipment used for the processing. 2. In case of processing for foreign 4. Cử người đại diện để kiểm tra, giám sát việc gia công tại nơi nhận gia công, cử chuyên gia để hướng dẫn kỹ thuật sản xuất và kiểm tra chất lượng sản phẩm gia công theo thoả thu...
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