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luat thuong mai

Iu 52 xc nh gi trng hp khng c tho thun v gi hng ho

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Unformatted text preview: national interests in compliance with Vietnamese law and treaties to which the Sot Republic of Vietnam is a contracting party, the Prime Minister shall decide on the application of urgent measures to activities of international purchase and sale of goods. Article 32.- Labels for domestically circulated, exported and imported goods 1. Goods labels mean writings, prints, drawings or photos of texts, pictures or images, which are stuck, printed, affixed, molded, carved or engraved directly on goods or their commercial packing or other materials which are attached to the goods or their packing. 2. All goods that are domestically circulated, imported and exported must have their labels, except for some cases specified by law. 3. Contents which must be inscribed in goods labels and the labeling of goods shall comply with regulations of the Government. Article 33.- Certificates of origin of goods and rules of origin of goods 1. Export goods and import goods must have certificates of origin in the following cases: a/ Goods are eligible for tax or other preferences; b/ It is so provided for by Vietnamese laws or treaties to which the Sot Republic of Vietnam is a contracting party. 2. The Government shall provide in detail for the rules of origin for exports and imports. Section 2. RIGHTS AND OBLIGATIONS OF Điều 31. Áp dụng các biện pháp khẩn cấp đối với hoạt động mua bán hàng hóa quốc tế Trong trường hợp cần thiết, để bảo vệ an ninh quốc gia và các lợi ích quốc gia khác phù hợp với pháp luật Việt Nam và điều ư...
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