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code doanh nghiep

Hi ng qun tr d tnh mc th lao cho tng thnh vin

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Unformatted text preview: ng hợp sau a/ Shares are offered for the first time to đây: those who are not founding shareholders; b/ Shares are offered to all shareholders in a) Cổ phần chào bán lần đầu tiên cho những accordance with their existing share người không phải là cổ đông sáng lập; proportions in the company; c/ Shares are offered to brokers and b) Cổ phần chào bán cho tất cả cổ đông theo guarantors. In this case, the discount or tỷ lệ cổ phần hiện có của họ ở công ty; discount rate must be approved by the number of shareholders representing at c) Cổ phần chào bán cho người môi giới hoặc người bảo lãnh. Trong trường hợp này, số least 75% of total voting shares; d/ Other cases and the discount rate in such chiết khấu hoặc tỷ lệ chiết khấu cụ thể phải cases is provided for in the company's được sự chấp thuận của số cổ đông đại diện cho ít nhất 75% tổng số cổ phần có quyền charter. 2. In case the company issues additional biểu quyết; ordinary shares and offers them to all ordinary shareholders in accordance with d) Các trường hợp khác và mức chiết khấu their existing share proportions in the trong các trường hợp đó do Điều lệ công ty company, the following provisions must be quy định. complied with: a/ The company must notify the sale of 2. Trường hợp công ty phát hành thêm cổ shares in writing and by registered mail to phần phổ thông và chào bán số cổ phần đó the permanent addresses of all cho tất cả cổ đông phổ thông theo tỷ lệ cổ shareholders. Meanwhile, the notice must be phần hiện có của họ tại công ty thì phải thực published on three consecutive newspaper hiện theo quy định sau đây: issues within ten working days as from the a) Công ty phải thông báo bằng văn bản đến date of notification; các cổ đông theo phương thức bảo đảm đến b/ The notice must state full name, permanent address, nationality, number of the people's identity card, passport or other lawful personal certification, for shareholders being individuals; name, permanent address, nationality, number of the establishment decision or business registration certificate, for shareholders being organization; number of shares and share equity proportion of every shareholder in the company, total shares to be issued and number of shares that shareholders shall be entitled to buy; the offer price; time limit for subscription registration; full name and signature of the company's representative- at- law. The time limit specified in the notice must be reasonable for shareholders to be able to subscribe. The notice must be attached with a subscription registration form issued by the company; c/ Shareholders may transfer their priority right to buy shares to others; d/ If the share subscription registration form is not sent to the company within the time limit specified in the notice, the related shareholder shall be considered not receiving the priority right to buy shares. If the shares intended to be issued are not fully subscribed by shareholders and transferees of the priority right to buy shares, the remaining shares shall be managed by the Management Board. The Management Board may distribute these shares to shareholders of the company or to other persons in an appropriate manner provided that the conditions offered to such persons are not better than those offered to shareholders, unless it is otherwise approved by the Shareholders' Meeting or shares are sold through the stock exchange. 3. Shares shall be deemed to be sold when they are paid for in full and information of the buyer provided for in Clause 2, Article 86 of this Law is sufficiently and truthfully recorded in the register book of shareholders; from that time on, the buyer of such shares shall become a shareholder of the company. 4. After shares are sold, the company shall issue and grant share certificates to buyers. được địa chỉ thường trú của họ. Thông báo phải được đ...
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