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Aptitude represents a persons capability of learning

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Unformatted text preview: men. 2. There is a _______ relationship between tenure to absence. 3.3 Ability Ability reflects a person’s existing capacity to perform the various tasks needed for a given job and includes both relevant knowledge and skills (Cummings & Schwab, 1973). Aptitude represents a person’s capability of learning something. In other words, aptitudes are potential abilities, whereas abilities are the knowledge and skills that an individual currently possesses. Managers need to consider both ability and aptitude while selecting candidates f or a job. Various tests used to measure mental aptitudes and abilities. Some of these provide an overall intelligent quotient (IQ) score (e.g., the Stanford­Binet IQ Test). Others provide measures of more specific competencies that are required of people entering various educational programs or career fields. Such tests are designed to facilitate the screening and selection of applicants for educational programs or jobs. In addition to mental aptitudes and abilities, some jobs, such as, firefighters and police, require tests for physical Sikkim Manipal University 35 Foundation Of Organization Behavior Unit 3 abilities. Muscular strength and cardiovascular endurance are two among the many physical ability dimensions (Hogan, 1991). There must be a fit between specific aptitudes and abilities and job requirements. If you want to be a surgeon, for instance, and cannot demonstrate good hand–eye coordination, there will not be a good ability–job fit. Such a fit is so important that it forms a core concept in managing human resources. Individuals overall abilities are made up of two sets of factors: intellectual and physical. Intellectual Abilities Intellectual abilities are those required to perform mental activities. IQ tests are designed to ascertain one’s general intellectual abilities. Examples of such tests are popular college admission tests such as, the SAT, GMAT, and LSAT. The seven most commonly cited dimensions making up intellectual abilities are: number aptitude, verbal comprehension, perceptual speed, inductive reasoning, deductive reasoning,...
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