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Unformatted text preview: l intelligence ("self smart") 8. Naturalist intelligence ("nature smart") Physical Abilities Specific physical abilities gain importance in doing less skilled and more standardized jobs. Research has identified nine basic abilities involved in the performance of physical tasks. Individuals diff er in the extent to which they have each of these abilities. High employee performance is likely to be achieved when management matches the extent to which a job requires each of the nine abilities and the employees’ abilities. Sikkim Manipal University 37 Foundation Of Organization Behavior Unit 3 Nine Basic Physical Abilities proposed by Fleishman (1979): Strength Factors Dynamic strength Ability to exert muscular force repeatedly or continuously over time Trunk strength Ability to exert muscular strength using the trunk (particularly abdominal) muscles Static strength Ability to exert force against external objects Explosive strength Ability to expend a maximum of energy in one or a series of explosive acts Flexibility Factors Extent flexibility Ability to move the trunk and back muscles as far as possible Dynamic flexibility Ability to make rapid, repeated flexing Movements Other Factors Body coordination Ability to coordinate the simultaneous actions of different parts of the body Balance Ability Ability to maintain equilibrium despite forces pulling off balance Stamina Ability Ability to continue maximum effort requiring prolonged effort over time Sikkim Manipal University 38 Foundation Of Organization Behavior Unit 3 The Ability­Job Fit Employee performance is enhanced when there is a high ability­job fit. The specific intellectual or physical abilities required depend on the ability requirements of the job. For example, pilots need strong spatial­visualization abilities. Directing attention at only the employee’s abilities, or only the ability requirements of the job, ignores the fact that employee performance depends on the interaction of the two. W hen the fit is poor employees a...
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