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Unformatted text preview: Manipal University 43 Learning Unit 9 Principles of social learning are as follows: 1. The highest level of observational learning is achieved by first organizing and rehearsing the modeled behavior symbolically and then enacting it overtly. Coding modeled behavior into words, labels or images results in better retention than simply observing. 2. Individuals are more likely to adopt a modeled behavior, if it results in outcomes they value. 3. Individuals are more likely to adopt a modeled behavior, if the model is similar to the observer and has admired status and the behavior has functional value Self Assessment Questions 1 1. Classical Conditioning is a form of associative learning process proposed by _________. 2. The operant conditioning theory is based on the idea that learning is a function of change in ___________ behavior 3. Social learning has __________ processes 4.3: Shaping behavior W hen a systematic attempt is made to change individuals’ behaviour by directing their learning...
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