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Unformatted text preview: learning. They strengthen a response and increase the probability of repetition. Both punishment and extinction weaken behavior and tend to decrease its subsequent frequency Schedules of reinforcement The two major types of reinforcement schedules are: 1) continuous and 2) intermittent. 1. A Continuous reinforcement schedule reinforces the desired behavior each and every time it is demonstrated. It is the traditional reinforcement schedule and is called a continuous reinforcement schedule. Each time the correct behavior is performed it gets reinforced. 2. An Intermittent reinforcement schedule are fixed and variable categories. In an intermittent schedule, not every instance of the desirable behavior is reinforced, but reinforcement is given often enough to make the behavior worth repeating. The intermittent, or varied, form of reinforcement tends to promote more resistance to extinction than does the continuous form. Intermittent techniques be placed into following categories: Fixed­interval reinfor...
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