Identifyingcriticalbehaviors 2 developingbaselinedata

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Unformatted text preview: ion. They are appropriate for stable or high­frequency responses. Variable­ interval schedules generate high rates of response and more stable and consistent behavior because of a high correlation between performance and reward. Self Assessment Questions 2 1. __________________is causing an unpleasant condition in an attempt to eliminate an undesirable behavior 2. _________________ is eliminating any reinforcement that is maintaining a behavior 3. In general,variable schedules tend to lead to __________ performance than fixed schedules. 4.4 Behavior modification The typical OB Modification program follows a five­step problem­solving model: 1. Identifying critical behaviors 2. Developing baseline data 3. Identifying behavior consequences 4. Developing and implementing an intervention strategy 5. Evaluating performance improvement 1. Critical behaviors make a significant impact on the employee’s job performance; 2. Developing baseline data determines the number of times the identified behavior is occurring under present conditions. 3. Identifying behavioral consequences tells the manager the anteceden...
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