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Sikkimmanipaluniversity 45 learning unit9 in general

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Unformatted text preview: cement schedule—rewards are spaced at uniform time intervals; the critical variable is time, and it is held constant. Variable­interval reinforcements—rewards are distributed in time so that reinforcements are unpredictable. In a fixed­ratio schedule, after a fixed or constant number of responses are given, a reward is initiated. W hen the reward varies relative to the behavior of the individual, he or she is said to be reinforced on a variable­ratio schedule For example, honesty pay is fixed interval reinforcement, and piece rate is fixed ratio reinforcement scheme. Sikkim Manipal University 45 Learning Unit 9 In general, variable schedules tend to lead to higher performance than fixed schedules. Continuous reinforcement schedules may lead to early satisfaction and behavior may weaken when reinforcers are withdrawn. Continuous reinforcers, thus, are appropriate for newly desired, unstable, or low­ frequency responses. Intermittent reinforcers do not follow every response and thus, they also may lead to early satisfact...
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