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Unformatted text preview: ns have some kind of systematic training program. g. In one recent year, U.S. corporations with 100 or more employees spent in excess of $58 billion on formal training for 47.3 million workers (Robbins, 2003). 4. Social­learning theory suggests that training should a. Offer a model to grab the trainee’s attention. b. Provide motivational properties c. Help the trainee to file away what he or she has learned for later use and provide opportunities to practice new behaviors. d. Offer positive rewards for accomplishments. e. If the training has taken place off the job, allow the trainee some opportunity to transfer what he/she learned to the job. 5. Self­management 1. Organizational applications of learning concepts can also be used to allow individuals to manage their own behavior. 2. Self­management requires an individual to deliberately manipulate stimuli, internal processes, and responses to achieve personal behavioral outcomes. Sikkim Manipal University 48 Learning Unit 9 The basic processes involve ob...
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