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Unformatted text preview: rewarded employees who stayed healthy and did not file medical claims by paying them the diff erence between $500 and their medical claims, then doubling the amount. By doing this, Forbes cut its major medical and dental claims by over 30 percent (Robbins, 2003). Sikkim Manipal University 47 Learning Unit 9 3. Employee discipline a. Every manager will, at some time, have to deal with problem behaviors in his/her organization. a. Managers will respond with disciplinary actions such as oral reprimands, written warnings, and temporary suspensions. However, the use of discipline carries costs. It may provide only a short­ term solution and result in serious side effects. b. Disciplining employees for undesirable behaviors gives them a message to what not to do. However, it does not tell them what alternative behaviors are preferred. c. Discipline does have a place in organizations. d. In practice, it tends to be widely used because of its ability to produce fast results in the short run. e. Developing training programs f. Most organizatio...
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