Unit5 valueethicsandjobsatifaction this unit deals

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Unformatted text preview: 4:Learning This unit deals with learning that ref ers to a process which enhances the knowledge, skill and attitude (KSA) of individuals, to increase his/her willingness to adopt those newly acquired KSA and to implement them at the workplace. Unit 5: Value, Ethics and Job satifaction This unit deals with values which represent basic convictions that a specific mode of conduct or end­ state of existence is personally or socially pref erable to an opposite or converse mode of conduct or end­state of existence. Unit 6: Personality This unit deals with the f actors aff ecting personality dev elopment are Heredity, Environment, Culture, Family, and Situation. Unit 7: Emotions This unit deals with ‘Emotion’ which is used to designate "a state of consciousness hav ing to do with the arousal of f eelings (W ebster’s New W orld Dictionary)." It is "distinguished f rom other mental states, from cognition, volition, and awareness of physical sensation." Feeling ref ers to "any of the subjectiv e reactions, pleasant or unpleasant" that one may experience in a situation. Unit 8: Perception This unit deals with the three f acto...
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