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Unformatted text preview: Krishna advised Arjuna to become 'Sthitha­prajna' (the steady minded person). He also told that an individual achieved his/her goal only when the mind became steady, poised and balanced. Evidently, the concept of “Sthitha­prajna” (the steady­minded person) talked about a unique interdependence between emotion and intelligence for effective decision­making which was most essential in excelling in every sphere of life. Gita, as a whole, advises all to balance between intelligence and emotion. Similar views on the role of emotional intelligence as a learning process for achieving a balanced personality in different stages of life on an inter­generational basis has been depicted in the Vedas. In particular, Dr. Radhakrishnan, in his book , ‘The Hindu View of Life’ (1927) opined that the attitude of the Vedas is one of trust tempered by criticism. ‘Trust, because, whatever the older generation hold, may be true, and criticism because, however, plausible the testimonies of the old views may be, it cannot deny the present of its right to enquire and sift the evidence’. This view aptly points out the need for emotional intelligence in everyday life to become more emotionally balanced and functional individuals in society. ‘Emotional intelligence is an aggregate of individuals’ cognition of own and others' emotions, feeling, interpretation and action as per environmental demand to manipulate the consequence which in turn result in superior performance and better human relationship’ (Bhattacharya, 2003). Emotional intelligence is a measure of the degree to which a person makes use of his/ her reasoning in the process of emotional responses (both positive and negative) in a given situation. So having high emotional intelligence doesn't mean that the person never panics or loses his/ her temper. It does mean that he / she brings own feelings under control and channels them into productive behaviors. The ability to bring out­of­control emotions ba...
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