There are many theories of emotion jameslange theory

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Unformatted text preview: emotion and can emphasize with the feelings of others. Goleman’s emotional intelligence model (1995) Emotional intelligence Personal competence social competence Self­awareness Empathy Self­regulation Social skills Motivation Sikkim Manipal University 92 Emotions Unit 7 Self Assessment Questions 3 1. The most popular and accepted mixed model of emotional intelligence is the one proposed by ____________. 2. Personal competence comprises of ______________ dimensions of emotional intelligence. 3. Social competence comprises of _____________ dimensions 7.5 Summary ‘Emotion’ is used to designate "a state of consciousness having to do with the arousal of feelings (W ebster’s New W orld Dictionary)." It is "distinguished from other mental states, from cognition, volition, and awareness of physical sensation." Feeling refers to "any of the subjective reactions, pleasant or unpleasant" that one may experience in a situation. There are many theories of emotion. James­Lange Theory proposes that subjective emotional responses are the result of physiological changes within human bodies. Cannon­Bard theory proposes that emotion­provoking events induce the subjective emotional experiences and physiological arousal simultaneously. Schachter­Singer theory proposes that both feedback from peripheral responses and a cognitive appraisal of what caused those responses produce emotions. How one interprets the peripheral response will determine the emotion he / she feels. According to Lazarus' appraisal theory, an individual makes an initial and sometimes unconscious cognitive appraisal of the situation to decide, if there is a threat; coping action is taken if necessary; and the individual takes a closer look and identifies the emotions he or she is feeling. W einer, in his theory, proposes that certain attributions produce specific emotions. Once the initial evaluation has been made, the individual looks at what caused the event. These attributio...
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