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Getting adequate sleep is of utmost importance being

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Unformatted text preview: everyone? Are we overreacting and viewing things as absolutely critical and urgent? Do we feel you must always prevail in every situation? W ork at adopting more moderate views; try to see the stress as something you can cope with rather than something that overpowers us is a solution for reducing stress, internally. Sikkim Manipal University 185 Stress Management Unit 13 4. Learning to moderate our physical reactions to stress. Slow, deep breathing will bring your heart rate and respiration back to normal. Relaxation techniques can reduce muscle tension. Electronic biofeedback can help you gain voluntary control over such things as muscle tension; heart rate, and blood pressure. Medications, when needed and prescribed by a doctor can help in moderating the physical reactions. However, these alone cannot do the job. Learning to moderate these reactions on our own is a desirable solution in the long run. 5. Build our physical reserves. Exercising for cardiovascular fitness three to four times a week (moderate, prolonged rhythmic exercise is best, such as walking, swimming, cycling, or jogging). Eating well­balanced and nutritious meals are a must. Maintaining the ideal weight is essential. Avoiding nicotine, excessive caffeine, and other stimulants can be a great help in reducing stress. Mixing leisure with work and taking breaks from routine work can relax and reduce stress in a person. Getting adequate sleep is of utmost importance. Being consistent with the sleep schedule helps in reducing stress to a large extent. 4. Maintaining our emotional reserves. Developing some mutually supportive friendships and stable relationships help in sharing bottled­up emotions and reduce stress. Pursuing realistic goals which are meaningful to, rather than goals others have for set for us which we do not identify with can help in reducing stress. Expecting some frustrations, failures, and sorrows as apart of life can make us gear up mentally in handling stressful situations rather than succumb to them. Self assessment questions 5 1. The stress reaction is triggere...
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